Food Tour Cartagena

Food Tour Cartagena takes place in the picturesque coastal city of Cartagena in Colombia. The city’s cuisine is heavily influenced by the Caribbean, African, and indigenous cultures, creating a unique and flavorful blend of flavors and ingredients. Some must-try dishes include arroz con coco, a dish made with coconut rice and seafood, and fried fish served with traditional Caribbean sides like plantains and rice and beans.

In Food Tour Cartagena some of our tours include ceviche, a popular seafood dish made with raw fish marinated in lemon or lime juice, and arepas de huevo, a type of corn cake filled with egg, cheese, and meat. Whether savoring traditional dishes or exploring new flavors, Cartagena offers a rich culinary experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Why a food tour in Cartagena?

Authentic tours

The food of Cartagena is unique, as well as each tour. In each activity, food, learning and good vibes are guaranteed.


Cartagena is a great mix of cultures and that is reflected in its food. During the tour you will learn what influences this city has.

Meet People

Meeting new people is always nice and it is much better if you are sharing or cooking delicious Colombian food.

Food tours in Cartagena

street food tour cartagena

Street food tour in Cartagena

Price: 70 USD

Joining a food tour is a fun alternative to a typical city walking tour and a great way to learn about culture in Cartagena.

cartagena food tour

Food walking tour in Cartagena

Price: 66 USD

Get off the beaten path and discover Colombian cuisine that you might otherwise miss on this Cartagena Food Tour.

cartagena cooking class

Cooking class in Cartagena

Price: 120 USD

This Cartagena cooking class will allow you to learn directly from a knowledgeable host about cooking techniques.

bazurto market tour and cooking class

Bazurto market tour & cooking class in Cartagena

Price: 115 USD

Learn to cook traditional Colombian food during this Bazurto market tour and cooking class in Cartagena.

cartagena market tour and cooking class

Market tour & cooking class in Cartagena

Price: 104 USD

Learn how to prepare a traditional Colombian meal in Cartagena from a local chef during this culinary activity.

cartagena market tour

Market tour in Cartagena

Price: 78 USD

This Cartagena market tour takes you to Bazurto Market, which is definitively one of Cartagena‘s hidden gems.

Cartagena food

Cartagena’s food is great because this beautiful city is located on the Colombian coast. Due to its proximity to the sea in Cartagena many dishes are prepared with seafood and the most typical is to eat fried fish with yucca and salad. This sounds simple but it is delicious.

In Cartagena, you can also sample the iconic arepas de huevo, which is a savory fried dough filled with a perfectly cooked egg, a popular street food that tantalizes taste buds with its crispy exterior and gooey center. You can also explore the seafood bounty with cazuela de mariscos, a hearty seafood stew that captures the essence of Cartagena’s coastal location, featuring a medley of shrimp, fish, and shellfish bathed in flavorful broth.

When in Cartagena, do not miss the chance to indulge in the Afro-Caribbean influence found in dishes like sancocho de pescado, a hearty fish stew seasoned with coconut milk, plantains, and aromatic herbs. The city’s love affair with rice is evident in dishes like arroz con coco, a coconut-infused rice preparation often served alongside fresh seafood.