Cartagena, located on the northern coast of Colombia, is a vibrant and colorful city renowned for its rich history, beautiful beaches, and delicious cuisine. In this article, we’ll take you on a culinary journey through the city’s vibrant food scene, from traditional Caribbean dishes to international fusion cuisine. Whether you’re a foodie or just looking for a taste of Colombia, this Cartagena food guide has got you covered.

Traditional caribbean cuisine in Cartagena

Cartagena’s cuisine is heavily influenced by its location on the Caribbean coast, with an emphasis on fresh seafood, tropical fruits, and spicy flavors. Here are some traditional dishes to try:

Arroz con coco: A popular rice dish made with coconut milk, seafood, and spices.

Cazuela de mariscos: A hearty seafood stew made with plantains, coconut milk, and a variety of seafood.

Patacones: Fried plantain slices served as a side dish or snack.

Arepas de huevo: A type of arepa (a corn cake) filled with scrambled eggs and meat.

International cuisine in Cartagena

In addition to traditional Caribbean dishes, Cartagena also offers a range of international cuisine options. Here are some of the best restaurants to visit for a taste of international flavors:

La Cevicheria: This seafood restaurant is famous for its ceviche, a popular dish made with fresh raw fish marinated in citrus juices and spices.

Carmen: A high-end restaurant offering a fusion of Colombian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Alma: This restaurant offers a unique fusion of Colombian and Asian cuisine, with dishes like beef satay and shrimp stir-fry.

Maria: This restaurant offers a fusion of Latin American and Mediterranean cuisine, with dishes like octopus carpaccio and lamb chops with chimichurri.

Street food in Cartagena

Cartagena’s street food scene is vibrant and diverse, with a range of vendors selling everything from arepas to fried fish. Here are some must-try street food options:

Empanadas: Savory turnovers filled with meat, cheese, or vegetables.

Chuzos: Skewers of grilled meat, often served with potatoes or yuca.

Buñuelos: Fried dough balls served with cheese or syrup.

Aguacates rellenos: Avocados filled with shrimp or other seafood.