In Cartagena the food is delicious and abundant. There are thousands of restaurants in this Caribbean city, but in addition, there are also thousands of street food stalls everywhere, such as near the beach, in the busy streets, outside the hotels and of course in the markets. Everything looks delicious but you have to be careful, especially if you live in North America and Europe.

All foods contain some type of parasite, the reason may be that they are in some level of decomposition, they were not washed well or they were not cooked enough. Food poisoning can happen anywhere, but in Cartagena you have to be especially careful when eating on the street, since it is very common for many cases of food poisoning to be reported.

In the streets of Cartagena hygiene is not very good and although the cooks do their best, the environment in which food is cooked is not very clean. This precisely causes vomiting, stomach problems, diarrhea and many other symptoms, which luckily, in most cases are not serious and are treated on an outpatient basis.

That is why it is recommended to choose the places where you are going to eat consciously, because it is very easy to notice when hygiene is not very good in a place. You should listen to the hotel advisers and follow their recommendations on where to eat to avoid having bad days during the holidays.